Top tips to be tech savvy in 2015

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With technology forever changing at an increasing rate people need to change and adapt the way they interact with emerging new tech. You may be familiar with the saying ‘old habits die hard.’ Here are a few things you should take note off to be a bit more tech savvy in 2015.


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Two-step authentication

2014 was full of some pretty big hacks and breaches of security. You may remember Heartbleed, one of the biggest holes in online security ever unveiled. You may also have been affected by recent hacks at Sony, or I’m pretty sure you’ll remember the celeb nude leaks dubbed the Fappening. Passwords are simply not enough anymore. Hackers can get through using password crackers if you’re not creative enough and if you’re password is released in a leak, there’s no plan B (unless you change your password before anyone gets in). Two-step authentication adds another protective gate to your passwords, things like SMS confirmation or even hardware based systems like those offered by Paypal.Gizmodo has a pretty good article to help you set it up for the majority of the most used online services.

Be smarter with your passwords

Ok so we just banged on about how passwords aren’t really enough anymore but it’s still a wise idea to be smarter with your passwords. Having the same password for everything is the most common mistake people make; you can use a password manager like LastPass or1Password to not only keep in track of your passwords but also to generate secure ones too.

Look after your batteries

Everyone is aware that batteries just haven’t kept up with the pace of the rest of technology but it can help to look after your battery. The idea of letting your battery run from 100% to nothing to train your battery to know its capacity only really applies to nickel-based batteries, not the lithium ion polymer batteries that are powering your smartphone and laptop. It’s more wise to keep your battery topped up (above 50%) and only let your device run from 100% to zero about once a month to calibrate. The market is now flooded with portable battery chargers, it may be wise to keep one at hand as well.

Use tech to make sure you don’t lose your stuff

Losing your wallet can be a nightmare, having to cancel and replace all the cards. Losing your keys can also find you in pretty tricky situations and nobody wants to lose their beloved smartphone! Invest in a fob to cover for you when you forget your stuff. Something like theMoto Keylink or the Tile can help you to remember to pick your stuff up or tell you where you left them. And if you lose your smartphone, you can make it ring (regardless of silent mode) using the fob.

Don’t bother with printers

I can’t remember the last time I printed a travel ticket, just show the email or type in the reference number at the station. How often do you print stuff? And whenever you do need to print something you can pretty easily find one, be it at work or at a local newsagent for a minimal fee. Never again will you have to buy wads of paper or hunt down the expensive specific ink cartridge that fits your printer. Save the trees and go digital.

Back up your stuff

Ok nothing new here but the cost of memory has decreased to a pretty good level. These days you can pick up some pretty cheap harddrives and cloud storage is forevever coming down in price (let alone offering larger amounts of storage for free). Back your stuff up, now. Seriously, do it now. Technology might be getting better but you can never predict a disaster. With free and cheap options out there, no matter how much you have, you’ll be kicking yourself if you find yourself faced with a problem.

Via: [Gizmodo]