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Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 17:12:17 -0400
To: misc@openbsd.org
Subject: Dynamic web hosting and OpenBSD
From: bsdmaster@hushmail.com

Dear Friends,

I am currently starting my very own hosting business,
as I'm horribly tired of all the incompetence in the
field. Obviously I take security seriously, and therefore
will be using OpenBSD exclusively.

One thing is bothering me though. I've searched the web
and the archives trying to clarify one single point, but
to no avail. I hope you friendly folks would help me.

I want to host my customers websites, but I'm unclear
how OpenBSD web scripting languages support works. I know
for a fact that the base system includes perl, so hosting
perl websites should work without issues. That is good because
many of my customers will be using domains such as domain.pl
I also see Mono is part of the ports, so domain.net should
also work without issue.

The one thing I'm unclear about is example.com domains.
How can I get OpenBSD to run .com files? I found that these
are actualy very old DOS binaries. How do other OpenBSD folks
manage them? Is it with Wine? Qemu running a stripped down XP?

Of course I could write a very good .COM wrapper for ELF I guess,
but I don't want to reinvent the wheel, so if a solution already
exists, I better use it.

So, what is this solution? Or maybe OpenBSD is not compatible yet
with .COM web applications?

PS: by the way, I am ready to offer the OpenBSD project a very good
discount, so maybe it's a good idea to move all the hosting of the
project to my new company once I've ironed out the few remaining 
Service will be very good, high bandwidth and very modern, being 
IPv6 only
(it's the new version of DHCP and DNS with more addresses for your 
so very future-proof. Just contact me if you need more information.